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Programming & Software Development

As our society becomes more and more dependent on the use technology, an information technology skills set enhances a student’s opportunities the work place, as well as widen their prospect of career choices.

The Programming & Software Development pathway attempts to encapsulate a broad range of interests, placing an emphasis on math, reasoning skills, and the arts.

This pathway is designed to serve students of all interests and those with a specific interest in programming, software development, multimedia, and opportunities in creative career choices. Students will be prepared with a functional career technical skill set, making them marketable and competitive candidates for related follow-on experiences and possible internshipsl

By using individualized instruction, blended learning, project based learning, students will develop proficiency at coding within functional modern programming languages. They can expect intensive programming language instruction in topics such as HTML5/CSS3, Python, Ruby, and C-Based languages, foundational to producing websites, integrated web apps, and mobile apps.

Students will also be exposed to high-end media production in order to generate content for their websites and applications.

Students also have the opportunity to staff Hughes STEM’s internal news, tech support, and stage crews.