At Hughes STEM High School, students are immersed in a creative focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with a strong liberal arts foundation. Students take part in rich and meaningful experiences that expose them to a wide range of STEM careers. Project-based learning is at the heart of a Hughes STEM education.

Hughes students graduate ready for school, work, and life in the 21st century. They benefit from internships and real-world, workplace experiences. Each student receives personalized advisory support, ensuring that all students graduate college-ready and with certification in a variety of marketable skills.

Our school is part of the Cincinnati Public Schools’ Career and Workforce Readiness Program. That means that in addition to our own career readiness programs for grades 8-12, Woodward students have access to targeted career preparation courses.

Learn more about the academic credits our students can pursue on our Academics page and more about our career development offerings on our College, Vocational and Career Resources page.

Community Learning Center

We are very proud to be a CLC and a neighborhood anchor. We strive to go beyond academics to focus on the whole child. We do this by serving as a hub for services that are available to students, their families and the entire community. We are able to offer a variety services thanks to the support of our many partners and the Hughes community.

Mildred Kennedy is the Resource Coordinator for Hughes. To learn more about the services available at our school or how your company or organization can become a CLC partner or volunteer, please contact Kennedy at (513) 363-7725 or via email.


Our mission is to create a 21st century learning community that will support, challenge and empower students to become college-ready, engaged citizens and lifelong learners through an integrated STEM and liberal arts curriculum.


The Vision of Hughes STEM High School is to be the premier STEM Career Technical high school in the country that empowers all students to achieve at their highest potential, implements high-quality STEM-focused curriculum and supports teacher leadership.

Core Values

  • Courage: We value the willingness to take risks, handle the unfamiliar, lead in the right direction and be individuals.
  • Respect: We respect ourselves, others, the environment, and the community through our words, actions and attitude.
  • Empathy: We value the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others and to respond in a caring way.
  • Desire: We value bringing energy and commitment to explore, to learn, and to question for a deeper understanding.
  • Integrity: We value doing what is right, even when no one is looking.
  • Teamwork: We value the skills of collaboration and learning to work together to achieve common goals.


Hughes STEM School has a rich educational history. Founded in 1853, it is the second-oldest high school in the city. Hughes was created after Thomas Hughes donated land for a school to support the free education for poor children. In his will, written shortly before his death on December 26, 1824, Hughes bequeathed his land to be “applied to the maintenance and support of a school or schools in the City of Cincinnati for the education of poor destitute children whose parents or guardians are unable to pay for their schooling.”

The original Hughes High School was located at W. Fifth and Mound streets. It was home to Hughes until 1910, when the school moved to Clifton Avenue and McMillan Street in Clifton Heights.

The current building, one of the premier examples of Tutor architecture in the country, boasts a 145-foot Tudor tower designed by J. Walter Stevens that can be seen for miles. Terra cotta gargoyles representing engineering, history, drawing, athletics, chemistry and geography are located on the cornice of the building.

The school was renovated and transformed into a STEM high school in 2010. The renovations combined the rich historical architecture with updated classrooms, labs and collective learning spaces.

Founded to serve minority, low-income and special needs students, Hughes continues that service to this day.