Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Hughes STEM different from other schools in the district?

The Hughes STEM High School offers a creative focus in the areas of 
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, with a strong liberal arts foundation.  Project-based learning is at the heart of a curriculum that includes the fundamentals of a Paideia education: critical thinking, active student learning, and mastery of content and conceptual understanding. The STEM curriculum is designed to prepare students for school, work, and life in the 21st century.  Students will have opportunities to earn college credit while in high school.  Through business and community partnerships, they will also gain internship and real world, workplace experiences.  Each student will receive personalized advisory support, ensuring that all students graduate college-ready and with certification in a variety of marketable skills.

What is Hughes STEM mission?

Our mission is to create a 21st century learning community that will support, challenge, and empower students to become college-ready, engaged citizens and life long learners through an integrated STEM and liberal arts curriculum.

Who can attend Hughes STEM?

Hughes STEM is an open enrollment school and available for all students living within the Cincinnati Public School District.

What is project-based learning (PBL)?

Project-based learning is about discovery and learning concepts through large projects that last for a whole quarter and sometimes a whole year. Every class will have large projects that students will build and work on through out a quarter/semester/year.

Who are partners?

Partners are people, schools, companies and communities that help our school by providing resources and/or volunteer time to help our students succeed.

What is AA curriculum?

It stands for Advanced Academics, which means that the courses move at a faster pace and require more work than other courses through out the district.  In addition to that extra work AA courses add to a student’s GPA.

What is SEL?

SEL stands for Social & Emotional Learning and focuses on creating small safe communities of students and teachers within the larger school community. This happens through the advisory class, a key component of the My Tomorrow*ed,  works on team building and discussing not only academic issues but also other issues that are important to our students.

What does it mean to have majors?

By the end of the students’ sophomore year they will have to choose a major and they will begin work in that major their junior year.  Majors are pathways that get the students focused into specific career areas.  Our majors are digital education, engineering futures, health sciences, and zoo academy.
What is a STEM Foundations course?

This course focuses on the STEM careers and learning more in depth about those careers and some of the technology used in those careers.

What are Intersessions?

An Intersession constitutes a week of learning concepts that might not directly relate to core academic classes. Students work one on one with our partners on problems that exist in the real world and learn new skills that they may not necessarily learn in the classroom. The first two Intersessions involve college experiences and the third Intersession requires the students to choose from a variety of offerings.