Spring Intersession 2018 is Here! Check out the great experiences offered to students this week!

When is Intersession? March 19th - March 23rd. Don't miss your opportunity to sign up in Advisory.

What is Intersession?

Intersession is a series of learning events, a mini-semester spanning a week, designed to engage students, teachers corporate and community partners in learning experiences that bridge the classroom and the professional world. More than a field trip, intersessions intentionally guide students to draw connections between the STEM subjects, future careers, and their communities.  As reflected in the My Tomorrow vision, Spring Intersessions encourage:

  • Real-world problem solving
  • Collaborative creativity
  • Authentic learning
  • Team Work
  • Personal reflection

What's the rationale? The purpose of the Intersession program is to offer our students innovative instruction in the areas of math, language arts, science, social studies, music, art, engineering and physical education. All intersession classes are aligned with Ohio Content standards and 21st Century Learning Standards and are taught by licensed teachers.

Who is eligible? All students at Hughes STEM are eligible and required to participate in
Intersession classes, however, teams may recommend students who consistently fail to meet behavior expectations to the school-based service learning intersession.

Each intersession has an associated fee. The fees cover transportation and materials needed for that intersession.

Will attendance be tracked? Intersession is a regular Hughes STEM course and participation and attendance are mandatory.

Students will be expected to follow our CORE VALUES at all times.  They are expected to follow the Hughes STEM behavior expectations, as well as the CPS Code of Conduct, both on campus and off. Students who fail to meet the behavior expectations can be removed from an intersession.

Contact Information — If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kevin Fon, Intersession Committee Chair (513) 363-7400 or Mildred Kennedy (513) 363-7725.

  • Parents and students you have questions about the intersession options listed below please email Kevin Fon.
  • Interested in becoming a partner for one of these great intersessions, please contact Mildred Kennedy


Options for Spring Intersession 2018

Big Red BBQ
Cost: $40

This intersession is for serious, dedicated and hard working students ONLY.  Students are required to complete additional intersession hours outside of the school day. If you like to work hard and learn new things Big Red Barbeque is the intersession for you. In addition to learning how to make your own BBQ rubs, sauces, mops, meats and more we will be traveling to a local barbeque restaurant to learn the secrets behind the art of real authentic BBQ from a local pit master. All of our delicious work will be contained in our very own Big Red Barbeque website featuring your recipes along with your videos on the “how to” of BBQ. To cap the whole experience off you will enter your best barbeque in our very own competition and see whom the guest judges crown the queen or king of Big Red Barbeque. Big Red Barbeque…Come hungry and leave a pit master.

Big Red Dojo
Cost: $60

Martial Arts isn't just about punching and kicking, it's also about science, philosophy, respect, and becoming the best person you can be.  Big Red Dojo will take a look into the history, philosophy, and practice of the Japanese Martial Art of Karate.  Participants will learn self defense, self discipline and actually earn a yellow belt in Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu, a style of karate from the Japanese island of Okinawa.  We'll have some guest speakers from other styles of martial arts, go to an MMA gym to learn some grappling techniques, practice sparring and self defense, and end the week testing for our yellow belts.  Oh yeah, and we get to punch and kick things too.

Big Red Firefighters
Cost: $35

Are you ready to have an adrenaline rush with one the most elite professions?  Do you think you have the bravery and toughness to face difficult challenges? Can you face dangerous situations in order to save lives? If so, learning about what it takes to be a FIREFIGHTER may be for you. This intersession will give Hughes students the chance to learn about and test their skills with local Fire, Rescue, and EMS response organizations in a safe, controlled, educational, and fun way.  Students will meet and train with men and women that put their lives on the line daily, complete an agility course, visit the Fire Museum, and much more!


Are you interested in sewing, fashion, and design? If so, Big Red Thread is made for you!  Students will learn basic sewing hand and machine techniques by creating a bag from scratch, and an upcycled project, using clothing purchased at a local resale store. Designs will be shown off during a fashion show on the Friday of Intersession.  Outings include a trip to UC’s design school (DAAP) to learn the career field of fashion and design, and a local resale store to purchase items for their creations. Students will explore their fashion sense through new and old designs and trends.  

Building Healthy Bodies, Minds, and Souls
Cost: $40

Participation in regular exercise promotes a healthy mind and body. The most important muscle to strengthen is the heart. Your muscles are made for movement. When they don't move, they get weaker. Exercise requires concentration and or focus. So, plan a physical activity program you would enjoy for the entire year.

Can you Kick it?
Cost: $45

This intersession is looking for 7th through 12th graders who interested in learning more about soccer, physics and math. Do you know whom FC Cincinnati, Messi, Ronaldo, Pele, Donovan, and Neymar are? If you know that the rest of the world calls soccer "Football", than this intersession is for you. Be ready to play, learn about, refine, and show of your soccer skills on the pitch. During the week of Intersession we will learn who can kick the soccer ball the hardest, how to “Bend It Like Beckham” and how Newton’s Law applies to soccer. During our pre-intersession weekly meetings, you will choose your favorite soccer teams and player to research and present to others. You must be in good physical condition and be ready to walk to Coy Field and back during the week of Intersession. See you soon!

Conducting Research with Insects
Cost: $25

Insects and their relatives are the most common living things on earth. In different parts of the world they are used for jewelry, food, forensic science and research. In this intersession we will explore the variety of insects and their relatives, learn how to keep them in captivity, and see how they help in everything from genetic to mother-fetus drug interaction research. We will visit an insect lab at the University of Cincinnati and the Insectarium at the Cincinnati Zoo. Students will participate in several hands-on lab activities using different insects closely following the scientific method. Students should NOT enroll if they have phobias of spiders and insects or are unwilling to hold and interact with them. The fee will be $25 and will cover the cost of buses and lunch.

Core Values
Cost: $30

Courage. Respect. Empathy. Desire. Integrity. Teamwork. All we do is win, win, win.

Discover UC: University of Cincinnati Pre Scholars Academy Experience
Cost: $25

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a college student? Would you like to apply to the UC Scholars Summer program in the Spring? Then this Intersession is for you! In this collaborative intersession with Colleges and Departments at UC (University of Cincinnati) you will experience firsthand what it feels like to be a UC Scholar and the everyday life of a typical college student through some of the following activities:

  • Mini sessions with colleges and departments at UC
  • Visit the UC Blue Ash campus
  • Ride the shuttle bus and eat in the campus eateries
  • Ask questions about college to current students, faculty, and staff

You will develop leadership skills and connections as you engage with professors & college students.  You will learn about a variety of career opportunities that are possible at UC.  If you are thinking of applying to the UC Scholars Summer program in 2017 this Intersession is highly recommended.  Side effects of this Intersession may be the opening of imagination, brainstorming, intellectual creativity, thought-provoking conversation, college preparation, and dreaming big!

E3 (Emerging Ethnic Engineers)
Cost: $40

In this intersession students will be exposed to a wide array of engineering and technology programs at the University of Cincinnati. The experience is designed to enhance the interest of all students in the various areas of engineering.  This intersession has been designed to expose the students to as many areas of engineering as possible.  Students will be exposed to present engineering students, University of Cincinnati professors, and post students who have entered their current engineering careers. Students will also engage in a variety of hands on projects related to engineering.  During intersession week, students will attend site visits at (P&G, Toyota, GE, UC, WLWT Channel 5, and Ethicon Endo-surgery) where they will be introduced to present engineers working in their various areas of expertise.

Farm to Table
Cost: $40

Community Service Intersession: Join our team and help provide the nutrition kids need to heal and allow parents more time to focus on their critically ill children at the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati.

What we will do: Tour the Hughes McMillian Street Community Garden and learn about the produce that has been growing in our own backyard. Listen to other farmers, chefs, horticulturalists talk about the benefits of growing your food, food preservation, and how to prepare nutritious meals. Brainstorm ideas on nutritional snacks we can easily prepare using vegetables from our own school garden Put our culinary talents to good use when we volunteer to whip up a tasty afternoon treat for the families at the Ronald McDonald House (3/19 – 3/22) Assist the culinary Chef and prepare a full lunch for the families at the Ronald McDonald House (3/23)

FYI: You must be 14 to be able to participate in this intersession. Depending on how quickly we can clean up, we may be returning to school later than 3:30 pm on some days.

Your fee for this intersession will go directly towards

  • purchasing ingredients for the meals we will be preparing
  • metro bus to and from the Ronald McDonald House

Friendship Games
Cost: $30

Welcome to the Hughes Stem FRIENDSHIP GAMES. Get behind the scenes and / or out in front. Experience the thrill of victory and / or the agony of defeat including strategies to deal with both. All participants will be players, judges, scorekeepers, referees, timekeepers, etc. Have you ever played Scrabble, Checkers, Tonk or War? COME ON OUT and try something different. It's gonna be a BALL!!!

#Girls Code Squad
Cost $75

(GIRLS ONLY) Learn computer science through real-world projects in art and storytelling, robotics, video games, web sites, apps and more! The program covers projects related to computer science, such as art, storytelling, robotics, video games, websites, and apps. You’ll also hear from guest speakers, participate in workshops, connect with female engineers and entrepreneurs, and go on field trips. The program culminates in a final project where you build your own product and share it with your class.

Haunted Ohio
Cost: $145

Have you ever wondered about the haunted history of Ohio?  We are located in an area that is notorious for its haunted history.  The Haunted Ohio Intersession will explore Ohio’s haunted history by exploratory tours, documentaries, and a series of storytelling by experts in the field.  We will be exploring Cincinnati’s notoriously haunted Over The Rhine, taking a tour through haunted Covington, visiting Spring Grove Cemetery, and going on an overnight college tour to, what is said to be, one of the nation’s most haunted universities.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of their community’s history, and have fun while learning about a part of past…that may still be lingering today.

Hikes with Bikes
Cost: $35

Are you interested in an “Intersession” that takes place outside of the classroom? Are you interested in an “Intersession” that travels all over the city of Cincinnati?  Do you enjoy challenging physical activity and being outdoors?  If you answered YES, than “HIKES WITH BIKES” is the Intersession for you! Not only will you be riding bikes and traveling around this beautiful city, but you will be building your own bike working with the University of Cincinnati Bicycling club. Volunteers from UC and the community will work with students for 10 weeks building bikes and teaching students how to repair issues that may happen in route.

Cost: $50   
Everybody knows about Jordan, Lebron and Kobe, but what about Russell, Robertson, and Gervin? If you just can't get enough hoops in your life, then this intersession is for you. Join the Hoopaholics as we learn basketball skills and strategies, examine the cultural and historical significance of the sport, and visit important regional sites that have a significant place in the game's history. Hoopaholics - where the only cure is more Hoops.

Cost: $25

The Academic Health Center at UC, made up of the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, Allied Health and Medicine, will provide an Intersession around exposure to healthcare careers.  This includes understanding entry level certification positions right out of high school, positions requiring intermediate training with two years of college, and positions around four year college training and graduate school.  Come join us as we explore careers options in healthcare.

Hughes: CSI
Cost: $40

Is Hughes Tower Haunted? Fingerprints, DNA, Blood Splatter, Bone Markings, and Weapons! This is the intersession to be in this year at Hughes. We will solve a murder that has haunted Hughes Tower for over 100 years. Did you know Hughes is haunted? Ask any teacher and they will explain the strange noises that happen late at night here at Hughes. Maybe we can put this haunted spirit to rest by solving the murder of 1920. Check out pictures from last year and get an inside peek of this awesome intersession.

Hughes Hunger Games
Cost: $100

In this intersession, you will become a tribute for your own district of Big Red Country. Once named as tribute, you will prepare for our very own Hunger Games by participating in all the steps of training as Katniss and Peeta did. We will learn to prepare and then eat delicious meals, as they did in the Capital. You will get a makeover and be presented to your district. Finally, you will practice skills to help you survive in the arena such as hand to hand combat, weapons training, and other survival skills.

Hughes STEM Medical Internship
Cost: $20

During the internship experience, students will be expected to undertake three job shadowing experiences in each of the three different focus areas (patient care, administration, information technology & engineering). They will take tours and participate in various presentations in different areas of Healthcare at University Hospital.  In addition, they will complete the following: First aid, Adult CPR and AED-CPR training (8 hour program, certification of completion provided. Possible basic phlebotomy training (8 hour training program involving didactic and hands-on simulators and Pathway planning (one-on-one discussion with a manager to discuss career goals and expectations at hiring)

Let’s Plan a Party!!
Cost: $60 (price includes bus fees, food costs for our event, breakfast and lunch for each student everyday of intersession.  9-12 grade only, Business request please)

If you love to meet new people, we need you!  If you love cooking, we need you! If you love designing, we need you! If you love to create music playlists, we need you! If you want to learn how to manage your own business, we need you! We would love for you to join our intersession so we can plan a party. There are so many steps in planning a formal event from the food, music, chairs, centerpieces and entertainment for your guests. The best part is that you, the students, get to decide what type of event we plan.  Your event will be for a cause that you feel passionate about. It’s your decision.  It’s time to party!

Making Cincinnati Green
Cost: $25

Do something that will change your world!!! Become a part of the Making Cincinnati Green Spring Intersession. Not only will you be helping make Cincinnati a better place to live, you will also you will have a wonderful learning time doing it. As a member of this intersession you will be taking many field trips and participating in a lot of outdoor activities. You will be working with professionals from Groundwork Cincinnati, The Green Center at the Civic Garden Center and The Metropolitan Sewer District as we examine and analyze the problems on human impact on the environment and look at the solutions to that will make our home in Cincinnati a better place for all of us. Everyone talks about ‘being green’. Here is your opportunity to see what ‘being green’ means!

Medieval Siege Engineering
Cost: $100

Are you interested in engineering, construction, and medieval sieges? Then this is the intersession for you! We will be constructing miniature siege devices every week with a direct focus on construction and engineering principles. You will be building catapults, trebuchets, and ballistae all while learning about the different cultures where they came from such as the Romans, Vikings, Greeks, and Chinese. Be prepared to learn about how different forces affect everything that engineers construct.
During intersession week, we will apply everything that you have learned in these miniature siege devices and build large scale versions. This will involve lumber, tools, and a can do attitude. At the end of the week, we will see how well your devices can lay siege.
Be ready to get medieval with modern techniques!

  • Total Cost = $100 per student
  • Companion Book = $10
  • Materials for mini devices (Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, binder clips, hot glue guns, hot glue, etc.) = $10
  • Materials for large scale devices (lumber, bolts, rope, etc.) = $80

Memorials, Monuments & Mankind – Washington, D.C. Intersession
Cost: $600 (Includes all activities, hotel, transportation, and meals)

Pack your bags!  For this Intersession we will be traveling for a 5-day, 4-night stay at our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.  We will depart Hughes Monday morning and return Friday early evening.  While in Washington, D.C. we will be visiting such places as the Lincoln Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the National Cathedral, Arlington National Cemetery, and taking a dinner cruise on the Potomac River.  Before we depart, students will be designing their own monument or memorial using our CAD-based computer software.
Trip Deposit:  $100.00 deposit will immediately hold your spot on this trip.  There are only 40 spots available for this trip.  See Ms. Wilder (room 0157), Ms. Weller (0110), or Mr. Sorrentino (room 2137) to pay your deposit.

Move Groove and Be Fit
Cost: $40

Is regular exercise boring you to tears? Having difficulty shedding those last few pounds and inches? Looking for a fun way to get your body moving and in better condition? Well, this intersession is for you! In it you’ll learn to create healthier meals and snacks, as well as learn conditioning and strengthening exercises to increase stamina. You’ll also develop and perform dance/exercise routines that focus on major muscle groups, help burn calories and GET YOUR BODY MOVIN’ and GROOVIN’!

My Cincinnati
Cost: $100

Are you new to the Cincinnati area?  Maybe, you’ve lived in Cincinnati your whole life but aren’t sure what all Cincinnati has to offer?  This intersession takes a look at all of the best and most renowned places in Cincinnati.  We will take a trip to Findley Market, the American Sign Museum, Contemporary Art Center, Carew Tower, and many more exciting sites.  Students will see Cincinnati in the light of four different subject areas; Science, History, Art, and Parks and Recreation.

Perfect Pastries
Cost: $65

This Intersession is designed for anyone who has a sweet tooth and an interest in baking. During this course we will tour local bakeries and get hands-on experience creating and decorating cakes and cupcakes. Participants will develop a “recipe scrapbook” while creating delicious and healthy pastries to be entered in the “Bake Off~ Cupcake War” occurring on the last day of intersession.

Picture Perfect
Cost: $50

Are you creative?  Do you love taking pictures?  Ever see a gorgeous photograph and wonder, “How did they do that?”  Then, this intersession is for you.  Join us as we work with professional photographers to learn skills that the professionals use to make good photographs great.  We will be learning about several types of photographic techniques:  still life, landscapes, portraits, capturing movement in photographs, and much more.  During intersession week, we will be visiting a variety of places around the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area putting the skills we have learned to the test.  Intersession will end with a showcase or your “expert” photographs.

Queen City
Cost: $100

Students will travel throughout the Queen City and to Ripley, Ohio to learn about how many places in our area where a part of the anti-slavery movement.  Learn of its history, culture, and surroundings. Our sessions will focus on the background information.  Intersession week will consist of traveling to points of interest in our area.  We will visit The Freedom Center, The Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Ripley, Ohio and more.

Recharge your body, Reboot your mind
Cost: $40

Love to eat! Love to walk! Learn to garden! Discover new foods that provide a foundation for fitness and vitality. This eating, gardening and walking adventure is sure to change the way you look at nutrition, exercise and the environment around you. You don’t need a big plot of land to grow food. Container gardens take little space and let you use simple on-hand items to bring a little green into your world. In this workshop, we will learn about a variety of foods, plant a container garden, and walk to work it off!

Sink or Swim
Cost: $40

Have you ever just wanted to jump in a pool no matter how deep? How about the diving boards… wanna learn how divers dive without so much as making a splash? Does canoeing, waterpark slides or lakes freak you out because you’re afraid? I have the Intersession for YOU!!! In this intersession, not only will you will be learning all about water safety, BUT how to tread water, float and the correct form of Breaststroke, Backstroke and Freestyle! Everything from how to swim to how to save a life is what I have planned for you. During our Intersession, you will learn from experts from UC ‘s swim and dive team and throughout the city. We’ll watch the dive team practice their trophy winning dives and learn proper dive form. We will spend our final intersession week at UC Aquatics Center Leisure Pool and Diving Pool in a full body experience so find your bathing suit and towel. We are about to get wet! One of the best parts is that you are going to be relax each day in a warm bubbly hot tub before we grab lunch on UC’s campus. This Intersession is for students who do not know how to swim or who want to learn how to properly swim.

Song & Movement
Cost: $40

Our intersession will incorporate music and movement. You will be introduced to a variety of music & songs and create unique movements and motions. You will also play instruments, make sounds, and MOVE! If you want to sing, SING! If you want to move, MOVE! Join us for this enjoyable intersession!

Sorority / Fraternity
Cost: $100

Social & cultural fraternities, sororities and social fellowships are student organizations whose primary purpose is the personal development of their members, as distinguished from honorary, professional, departmental and service fraternities. These are club-like organizations with Greek letters as their name. Sororities are for women; fraternities are for men.

Sweets and Treats
Cost: $150

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then this intersession is for you! Join “Sweets and Treats” to learn all about candy!!  You can research your favorite recipe, go behind the scenes at a local candy store, or make your own confections. Sweet!!!  

Theater and Music
Cost: $100

Have you ever dreamed of being an actor or actress on the silver screen? Or maybe you know that your personality is just too big to be bottled.  If this sounds like you, then the drive and talent you possess could possibly land you on track to stardom.
Students will take an interactive exploration into the world of film, stage acting, and overall theater.  Students will learn necessary skills and background information to begin auditioning and start down a pathway to be involved in stage productions, commercials and films.  Each student will receive a mini-photo session, head shot, and stats sheet. We will do intense study of film, view a stage production, visit a local talent agency, and have local actors speak to the class.  Each student will be able to add authentic experience on their acting resume.  Our final day will be culminating in a public performance.  Each student will learn and perform a monologue, take part in a staged reading and more!  Some participants may even be offered an opportunity to sign on with a local talent agency or audition for a local production.

The Great Outdoors
Cost: $100

Are you tired of being cooped up indoors all day? Love nature? Love being outside? Then this intersession is for you! We will learn about our local nature scene -- including how to identify plants and animals, how to test water quality in our rivers and streams, how forests clean our air, and how to grow and raise healthy, sustainable food. We will create a wildlife habitat for our school, and enjoy the great outdoors through hiking, learning basic survival skills, kayaking, and participating in other adventures in The Great Outdoors! The costs for this intersession includes transportation; rental equipment such as kayaks, bikes, or other outdoor gear; supplies for our habitat; and supplies to purchase and cook meals.

Video Graphics
Cost: $40

Students will be introduced to various aspects of Computer Graphics and Video Editing. This area within the field of Computer Science is fun and will present each student with significant challenges and appropriate rewards. The field of Computer Graphics and Video Editing is broad with many different aspects to explore. This Intersession is not difficult but it will require personal dedication to achieve desired results. This course is designed as an introduction to the field of Graphics and Video and will be designed around the computer experience of the students.  The fee for my intersession is $40. This needs to be paid as soon as possible, and prior to the start of the Spring Intersession.

Volunteer with Matthew 25: Ministries
Location: Off campus, Matthew 25: Ministries, 11060 Kenwood Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45242

Matthew 25: Ministries provides humanitarian aid to the poorest of the poor and disaster victims by collecting product donations from corporations, organizations, and individuals. With the help of our volunteers, Matthew 25 evaluates, sorts, and processes these donated items before shipping them to people in need. These steps ensure that the products meet social, legal, and cultural requirements of the area.
In order to reach as many people as possible, Matthew 25: Ministries partners with non-profit organizations in the recipient locations. Through these relationships we ensure that donated goods are shipped to places with true need and distributed by people who are familiar with the area. Matthew 25: Ministries works with more than 40 organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area, groups throughout the United States, and partners in over 60 countries worldwide. As a volunteer in this intersession, you will be fulfilling an important role in the organization of the donated goods that will be shipped and responsibly distributed to the neediest parts of the world.

Wide World of Fitness
Cost: $35

The Wide World of Fitness program at Hughes STEM High School seeks to create a 3 month experience to help expand knowledge of integrated fitness and nutrition concepts and to learn to track and monitor individual efforts using technology.  Students in grades 7 through 12 will begin with a series of 10 weekly sessions in which fitness, nutrition, and health experts assist to develop an individualized plan to increase health, nutrition, and fitness outcomes.   
Activities culminate in a week-­‐long Intersession with participants engaging the surrounding community and participating in activities beyond traditional team sports. Finally, their experiences will be documented in a PhotoVoice project and shared with family members and larger community forums.
Cost is reasonable -­‐   $35 for shirts and supplies. We will be off-­‐campus so you  will have to bring your own lunch or money to eat whenever we are off campus during  the  Intersession week.

Xperience Innovation & 21st Century Design
Cost: $100

Students will have the opportunity to learn about 3-D design and printing in Xavier's Center for Innovation. You will collaborate with each other, Xavier University students, professors, and career professionals to learn about the printing programs and their uses in today's age of technology. You can create your own 3-D masterpieces while researching what techniques result in useful products. Together we will learn about what makes a team work efficiently in order to achieve a common goal while having fun!