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Summer Homework

Hughes STEM Summer Homework for 2017

Grade 7:

On behalf of the Hughes 7th grade staff, we would like to welcome all new incoming 7th grade students to Hughes STEM High School. We have some exciting plans in store for you next year and would like to share the start of those plans - summer homework. We believe in the value of summer homework to help our incoming 7th grade students to be more successful in our core & STEM AA classes next year. Download the 2017-Summer HW Packet for the Class of 2023. Follow the directions and have fun. Remember, don't wait until last minute.

Grade 8

Congratulations you made it to the 8th grade!!! In order to insure you are growing as a student it is important that you take these assignments seriously. Summer Homework is important because it keeps your brain engaged and sharp over the long summer break. In order to be the best you have to prepare. Download the 8th Grade Summer Homework Packet for 17-18 school year. Open the packet, read the directions and have fun. Remember, don't wait until last minute.

Grade 9:

If you don’t use it, you loose it! Research shows that this is true when it comes to learning and thinking. In order for all of the new Hughes STEM High School students to maintain their skills over the summer, all 9th graders must complete a Hughes STEM Summer Homework assignment. This will be the first work that you will be completing as a high school student. So give it your attention and your best effort.

Goals for 9th Grade Summer Homework
The activities or assignments that you will complete along with your reading are designed to do four things:

  • Keep you reading and thinking over the summer
  • Help you improve your organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Introduce you to a part of the school culture that will be a vital part of Hughes STEM
  • Allow you do your initial STEM type of work with a very student‐friendly assignment

Download the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens Summer Homework PDF Packet to open a copy of the 9th grade summer homework.