Hall of Fame


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Daron Bowling - Baseball Player - Morehouse College

Terry Cook - Basketball Player - Goshen College

Kris Harris - Basketball Player - Illinois College

Keonuntae Mapp - Football Player - Muskingum University

Mike Howe - Football Player - Muskingum University

Khaliek Tribble - Track and Field - University of Rio Grande


Hall of Fame

Hughes High School, through the work of Athletic Director Jolinda Miller and the HOF Committee, is establishing an Athletic Hall of Fame. The first class will be inducted on Friday February 1, 2013 at Hughes during the Hughes vs. Aiken boys basketball game. Please see below for further information. We look forward to acknowledging and honoring the tradition of Hughes High!

The Hughes High School Hall of Fame honors the pride and tradition of Hughes High School.

Mission Statement: The Hughes Hall of Fame is intended to be the highest honor placed upon an individual. The Hall of Fame has been established to recognize and reward the outstanding contributions of former athletes, coaches, teachers, and administrators who have made a positive impact on the athletic program of Hughes.

Committee: The Hughes Hall of Fame Committee shall be responsible to oversee the selection of members into the Hall of Fame. It shall set forth a nomination and voting procedure and hold a ceremony to present the members with a declaration of recognition.

Nominations and Eligibility:

  1. Any graduate of Hughes High School is eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame 5 years after graduation from Hughes. This includes any of the schools that became a part of Hughes (Old Hughes, Hughes High, Hughes Center).
  2. Coaches, Teachers and Administrators shall become eligible 1 year after retirement from the building.
  3. High School and post-graduate athletic achievements will be considered.
  4. Anyone can nominate one or several candidates. The attached nomination form must be filled out to the best of your ability.
  5.  Petitioners must sign the petition or the petition will be invalid.
  6. Petitions must be submitted to the high school office in person or by mail and must be received by the second Friday in December
  7. Nominees not selected will remain on the nominee list for consideration in future years.

Hall of Fame Nomination Petition Form

Return the form to:

Jolinda Miller, AD


2515 Clifton Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45219