The Big Red Way Dress Code

July 27, 2021

Hello Hughes STEM Families and Students,

In June 2021, The Local School Decision Making Committee (LSDMC) for Hughes STEM voted to no longer require uniforms of our students. We will instead have the following "Big Red Way Dress Code."

​The Big Red Way Dress Code


Students will wear shirts: 

  • That fully cover their back, shoulders, waistline and cleavage 
  • Without head coverings 
  • Free of offensive language, drugs or alcohol, or demeaning to any race, religion, ethnic group or sexual identity. 
  • That are made of material that can not been seen through 

No hoodies! Hoodies are not permitted.


Students will wear pants: 

  • That only have exposed holes at knee or below 
  • Any holes above the knee must be have coverings that prohibit exposed skin or underwear 
  • Free of chains 
  • Covers any underwear 
  • Worn to waistline 


Students will wear belts: 

  • Without studs or rivets 


Students will wear shoes specific for safety in: 

  • Physical Education — any type of close toe and heel gym shoe 
  • ScienceLabs — closed toe shoes 
  • Career Pathways — Requirements will be shared by teachers to meet any uniform requirements in the pathway 
  • General Education Courses — heels less than 3 inches, fits securely to foot-either straps or coverings across foot or heel 

Head Coverings 

Students are only permitted to wear head coverings for verified medical and religious purposes. (No bonnets, durags, hats of any kind, or any material that could impede recognition or vision.) 

Shorts, Dresses, Skirts 

Students will wear shorts, dresses, and skirts: 

  • That at are at least the length to reach the ends of their fingertips 
  • Does not impede movement 
  • Is not transparent or expose underwear 
  • Are worn to the waistline 
  • Holes or rips must be covered 


Students will wear accessories that meet all safety measures in place for labs and physical activities: 

  • Watches and bracelets must be worn securely to wrist and may be prohibited during certain activities 
  • Headbands are permitted to ensure hair is not in face, but may not be more than 2 inches in width or tail longer than 2 inches below the knot