CPS Budget Prioritizes Unmatched Educational Opportunities, Historic Growth

June 25, 2019

The Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education approved a strategic budget for the 2019-20 School Year that directs more funding to students and classrooms, expands choices and opportunities, and sustains the district’s unprecedented growth.

"This budget demonstrates we are a destination district — we’re offering students and families the options they want to best prepare students for life beyond CPS," said Carolyn Jones, CPS Board of Education President.

The Board-approved a $657-million budget, increasing funding to serve more students by hiring more teachers, adding more classrooms and creating more individualized educational options.

The budget focuses on the Board's strategic priorities: Student-Centered Decision Making, Health and Safety, Community Engagement, Better Systems, and Growth. In total, the District will prioritize $51 million on its strategic priorities in the next school year.

"Over the past year, we’ve worked with hundreds of community stakeholders to create a strategic plan to guide the next three years of growth," said Laura Mitchell, CPS' Superintendent. "This budget demonstrates our commitment to the experience of our students, families and dedicated staff, and our laserlike focus on improving student outcomes."

CPS is creating more opportunities for students and more choices for families. In 2019, eight more Neighborhood schools will have a Vision 2020 curriculum focus; CPS will open Clifton Area Neighborhood School and Gamble Montessori Elementary School; expand Gamble Montessori High School, LEAP Academy and Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students; and CPS will continue to expand preschool options with 10 new classes.

CPS will continue to add more digital curriculum in math, fine arts, social studies, science, physical education and health, and world languages. The District will continue to equip students with cutting-edge technology, including iPads for preschoolers, kindergartners and first-graders, and will refresh laptops used by fourth- and fifth-graders.

CPS will add eight new school counselors, 25 math specialists, 10 reading specialists, 24 companion (full-time) math and English/language arts teachers to support our students throughout the district. Fifteen staffers will support our growing population of English Language Learners. The District will hire six new assistant principals, 13 additional security assistants and 19 attendance clerks to enhance the health and safety of our schools by adding security and alleviating attendance responsibilities from social workers; the attendance clerks will also support CPS’ strategic campaign to reduce chronic absenteeism. CPS will reduce the amount of time students spend out of the classroom and in discipline by increasing the number of in-school suspension classes.

The District will continue to plan for sustained growth by hiring an economic development planner.

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