Hands-on Internship Helps High School Seniors Explore Health Care Careers

May 14, 2017
Hughes STEM Health Pathway Internship


Senior & Juniors Explore Health Careers in a Two Week Internship Program

Twenty-eight Hughes STEM Health Pathway students got a unique opportunity to learn about careers in the health care field from inside University of Cincinnati's hospital, thanks to a hands-on internship program. The student’s participated in a 10 day internship offered through UC Health, the internship was structured to accommodate 30 juniors and seniors for a two-week period during which they participated in 2 job shadowing experiences at UC West Chester and Drake, visited and toured Shriners Burn Hospital, They also participated in experiential learning which included how to suture and tie surgical knots, how to complete a blood draw, how to use a tourniquet, and how to use a multi-parameter patient monitors to obtain vital signs. Students participated in several group presentations on various healthcare careers including mobile and air care, forensic nursing, HIPPA training, surgery, and Lab based careers. Students underwent CPR, First Aid and AED training and obtained their certification. This experience aided students in pathway planning by giving them an in-depth look at their career of interest as well as the vast amount of career possibilities within the field of Healthcare today.

"This internship intersession gives students the chance to explore health care careers that they may not have known existed,” said Sharon Bachman. “We feel it is a great opportunity for students to get the education and training they need to launch their future careers in the health pathway.”

Thanks to our amazing partners at UC Health this experience, the opportunities and knowledge gained by the students was extremely valuable to the students and their futures as Healthcare professionals. Upon return to school at the end of the experience, students created a daily blog of their experiences.

Allied health care professionals comprise nearly 68% of the health care industry. These positions are in high demand and offer workers a good wage, health insurance and other benefits. Yet many students are unaware that there are a number other opportunities in health care besides being a doctor or a nurse. This intersession aims to help build the future workforce that represents the diverse Cincinnati neighborhoods.

Check out the awesome photos taken during this intersession that shows the variety of authentic learning experiences part of the My Tomorrow Vision the Health Science students explored during their internship.