Important High School Dismissal Reminders

March 18, 2022

Dear CPS High School Families,

We hope that everyone is enjoying warmer temperatures! As we shift into a new season with longer daylight hours, we would like to remind you of our after-school pick up time process.

  • Any students who are not involved in an after-school activity must be picked up at their school's dismissal time.  
  • Students who are involved in after-school activities must be picked up after their activity concludes.
  • Students must go home after school.
  • Students are expected to take the first available METRO home.

This process is in place for your child's safety. We do not offer adult supervision at any local businesses, etc.

If transportation is an issue, please contact your school to learn more about our partnership with METRO.

Thank you for your assistance in following this process, and keeping our student's safety as our number one priority.