Spring Intersession Spotlight Hughes CSI

April 19, 2017

Hughes CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Launches Intersession 2017 with a Crime Scenario to Solve. 

At approximately 8:45 a.m., the first day of Mr. Gibson’s intersession class, the students thought something looked fishy as they walked down the hall and noticed that Mr. Gibson’s door was open with crimestudent using miroscope in crime scene investigation scene tape marking the entrance. They walked into the classroom and immediately discovered that a crime had taken place. White masking tape outlined the body of the victim on the floor. The suspect left behind the weapon, a broken glass beaker on the floor and a footprint in the dirt, as well as a mysterious powder. CSI investigators found a hair sample that could belong to the victim or the suspect.

When the students arrived they immediately began to gather forensic evidence.

  • Fingerprints were lifted from the beaker found on the floor. The footprint was measured and soil samples were taken. Teeth imprints were taken from a bite on the victim.student taking a finger print off beaker
  • A written note was left at the crime scene. Chromatography was used to identify the ink used to write the note.  All of the evidence was bagged for forensic analysis.

Various staff members played the role of suspects in the given crime scenario. Using the clues found at the crime scene & their problem solving & inquiry skills (a focus of the My Tomorow initative), students must determine which of these suspects committed the crime?

Students had to interview suspects, dust for fingerprints, take soil samples, perform handwriting analysis and use microscopes to test hair samples.  “Which group will solve the crime?” That was the question. Who would become the CSI 2017 Super Sleuth? Want to see more pics, checkout CSI Intersession 2017 Google photo album.