Clubs and Activities

After Hours in the Tower

Program Description: After Hours in the Tower (AHITT) is 21st CCLC funded program coordinated by the University of Cincinnati in collaboration with Hughes STEM High School. AHITT seeks to increase literacy and math skills, increase college entrance exam scores, and provide each student with an individual plan following high school by imbedding these components through after-hours programming.

After Hours in the Tower programs are held primarily at Hughes STEM High School with visits to the University of Cincinnati and other community partner locations. AHITT program runs Monday through Thursday from 3:15pm until 6:15pm.

Dinner, snacks, and extracurricular bus passes are made available for every participant. Enrollment forms are to be completed and signed by a parent/guardian.

Questions? Please contact Ashley Felts, Special Projects/Program Coordinator.

Literacy Based Clubs:


Advisor: Ms. Ogletree

Participants bring awareness to the art of anime, manga, and graphic novels. Students craft anime and manga for publication of Hughes’ very own graphic novel.
Open to all on Wednesdays in Room 3109

Freedom Writers

Advisor: Ms. Trytten

Freedom Writers  is a creative writing outlet for students that are interested in social justice issues, race, and inequalities.  
9th-12th open to all in Room 1122

Math Based Clubs:

Assess-Chart-Team Up Math (ACT Math)

Advisor: Ms. Burns & Mr. Sawan

Team Up Math is a math group facilitated by the Children’s Cognitive Research Lab of the University of Cincinnati. ACT Math seeks to create a learning environment that encourages students to learn math. CCRL has acknowledged that learning math can be very difficult and frustrating. ACT Math provides an atmosphere that encourages independent learning. Students are supported and guided through math problems by University of Cincinnati volunteers at his/her own pace.
Target: 7th and 8th but open to all, Thursdays in room 1140

STEM & Leadership Based Clubs:

College and Career Readiness Lab

Advisor: Ms. Ashley

This lab is a resource for all students that would like to focus on creating plans for life after high school.  University of Cincinnati student volunteers provide support for college entrance exams, college applications, scholarship applications, post secondary options, and other various opportunities for advancement.
Open to all, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in room 1125

DAAP Club Art

Advisor: Nandita Sheth and Kristopher Holland

This is a club facilitated by Nandita Sheth and Kristopher Holland at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). This creative art program supports academic and personal achievement through exploration of mark making and making sense of the world through: drawing, creating tools, and designing robots.
Target: 9th -12th, Wednesday at UC DAAP

Pottery Club

Advisor: Ms. Knodle

This club is a forum for those interested in ceramics and pottery to join together in making pottery and sharing knowledge regarding ceramics.
Open to all, Tuesdays in Room 0131


Advisor: Mrs. Kat and Mr. Evan

Students participating in this program  will have the opportunity to come experience the fundamentals of game analysis and design.
Open to all, Tuesdays at UC's Old Chemistry Building

Science Fair

Advisor: Rickey Terrell

This after school program is for students that have a desire to learn more about science. In this science fair, students will have an opportunity to discover his or her scientific interests, implement the scientific method, and network with science and engineering professionals. Students will participate in a school wide science fair that will qualify participants to register for the UC Science Regional Fair in the spring.
Target 7th-9th but open to all, Tuesday and Thursday in the KRUEK

Jedi Science Club

Advisor: Mr. Gibson

Junior Explorer Detective Investigator (JEDI) is an outdoor junior explorer club for students that have an interest in nature and science. Students work closely with University of Cincinnati student experts to create a movie on endangered species to be viewed at the Illuminating Extinction: Bright Tower, Dark Future public event. Participants also attend an overnight camping experience to observe and study nature.
Target 7th-9th but open to all, Meet on Thursdays during iWorks and after school in room 0151


Advisor: Ms. Grasso

This Career Tech Student Led Organization (CTSO) is a technology-based program that gives participants the opportunity to explore and prepare themselves for technology related careers. Participants also promote the field of technology and have the opportunity to learn, first hand, from successful individuals within the field. The knowledge obtained through INTERAlliance is then applied by creating technology to compete in the TechOlympic Expo.  Technology careers are really exciting, and there are tremendous opportunities right here in Cincinnati. Today, there are over 1,500 open technology jobs in Cincinnati - there are many companies that are waiting to hire YOU!

This program is designed to help students explore the spectrum of IT careers to find the best career that matches with your strengths and passions. Further, we provide opportunities to network and to potentially intern for the companies that ultimately want to employ you.
Target: 9th-12th, Thursdays in room 3135

NESBE (National Society of Black Engineers)

Advisor: Jasmine Parham & Ronnda Cargile

NSBE’s programs and activities are designed to nurture Black students’ and professionals’ interest and aptitude in engineering and to expand their professional horizons.

M.O.R.E (Men Organized Respectful and Educated)

Advisor: Mr. Kamonta Heildelberg

Men Organized, Respectful, & Educated (M.O.R.E) is a program that promotes academic success, leadership development, and enrichment activities.
Students meet weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Innovation Lab 2146

Students in Sisterhood

Advisor: Ms. Jeffonia Wynn

Jr. Charm School is an all-female program dedicated to empower the young ladies at Hughes STEM High School. Participants are provided the platform to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and given the tools to excel to her highest potential.
Target: Women 7th-12th, Tuesdays in room 0117


Advisor: Ms. Roland

NEAT (Nutrition Education for Active Teenagers) is an opportunity for students to learn more about healthy food options through cooking lessons.
Open to all, Tuesday at St. Monica Kitchen


Advisor: Ms. Moriah Israel

HPAC (Health Professions Affinity Community) empowers students to identify a health disparity in the student’s community and find ways to bring awareness and solutions to those disparities.
Open to all, Tuesdays in the Innovation Lab

Girls with Pearls and Girl Scouts

Advisors: Ms. Cheryl

Hughes STEM’s all-female groups dedicated to empower the young ladies at Hughes STEM High School. Participants are provided the platform to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and given the tools to excel to her highest potential.
Girls with Pearls Target: Women 7th& 8th  on Tuesdays in Room 3113
Girl Scouts 8th-9th  on Thursdays in 1125 Space limited!

Student Leadership Program

National Honors Society

Advisor: Ms. Keith

Established in 1921, The National Honor Society has been the premier scholastic organization that recognizes student achievement in the areas of academic, leadership, community engagement and character. Eligible high school students (10-12) need to meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates eligible for induction to this chapter must be members of the junior or senior class. Students may not be inducted after Spring of their senior year.
  • To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must have been in attendance for a period of at least one semester at Hughes STEM High School
  • Candidates eligible for selection to the chapter shall have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. This scholastic level of achievement shall remain fixed, and shall be the required minimum level of scholastic achievement for admission to candidacy. All students who rise in scholarship to or above this standard may be admitted to candidacy for selection into the society.
  • Candidates eligible for selection to the chapter shall have a minimum number of 25 student service learning hours documented with the school’s SSL Coordinator. Upon meeting the grade level, attendance, SSL hour and GPA standard requirements, candidates shall then be considered based upon their service, leadership, and character.

Student Government

Advisor: Ms. Kennedy

Student Government serves as the primary liaison between administration and general student body. Student Government is led by students to better all students’ everyday life at Hughes STEM.
Open to all, Tuesdays in room 3135

UCIT SHAREIT (App Development)

Advisor: Ms. Sherman

The 10 Week Program covers full stack of IT Development including areas in IT such as system administration, cyber security, Agile Develoment (project management), robotics virtual reality, and mobile app development. The majority of time will be devoted to small group development of a functional app that integrates lessons learned in each week. Students will have an opportunity to develop new features, brainstorm on ideas for new development and review the process for testing and deploying.

  • All students will receive the equipment required to successfully complete their project
  • Sessions will be held at the heart of campus near MainStreet
  • Mentors will be available at each session
  • Food will be provided after each session with an opportunity to talk with IT professionals about various topics

Students who successfully complete their projects will be able to keep the resources provided (laptop, robot, backpack, mouse, mouse pad, pens, notebook)

Students must apply, Wednesdays in Room 160 - then students walk to UC App Lab (3:30 - 6:00 dinner served)

Young Scholars


The Young Scholars program serves our pre-collegiate Young Scholars in grades 8-12 by providing year-round comprehensive academic, career, and personal development programs in partnership with school district administrators and staff; Ohio State faculty, staff, students, and alumni; and community and corporate partners. The Young Scholars Program activities are designed to track, monitor, mentor, and advise scholars. A few of our comprehensive academic, career, and personal development programs consist of:

  • Academic Year Programs – Our academic workshops, tutoring, and college provide scholars with a strong foundation of support for each Scholar. Most importantly, our scholars come to understand what is expected to be successful in high school and admissible to Ohio State.   

  • Summer Programs – Our summer programs help make Ohio State feel like a home away from home, boost academic skills in math, science, and writing. Scholars explore careers and college majors. Program methodology and curriculum is multisensory, interdisciplinary, and holistic. 

  • Community Service – Scholars from the same city take part periodically in community service activities. This city bonding provides the chance for scholars to interact and encourage each other while working to tackle issues in their local communities.

  • Cultural and Social Events – We expose our scholars to cultural and social events and performing arts to facilitate the development of an appreciation and understanding of cultural awareness and performing arts. This emphasis helps our scholars develop critical skills in analytical thinking, interpretation, and creative interaction. 

Music Based Clubs:


Advisor: Mr. Josh Strange

Drumline is comprised of students that play the different types of drums and select horn players. Students that have a passion for band are typically attracted to this program. Participants prepare for performance at various school functions and athletic events.
Open to all, Mondays and Wednesdays in music room

Glee Club

Advisor: Ms. Winfrey

Glee Club is a choir ensemble for students that have a passion for singing. Students are constantly learning new songs to preform at various school functions.
Open to all, Tuesdays and Thursday in music room