School Counselors

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!

This year at Hughes STEM, we are excited to have TWO School Counselors to support both students and staff. Mr. Lee Hardaway has returned to work with grades 10-12 and Ms. Angie Smith will be debuting in CPS to work with grades 7-9.

Mission: The Counselors at Hughes STEM High School are dedicated to supporting every student to achieve their highest academic and career potential, personal and social growth and overall wellness.
Vision: We envision a community of empowered, well rounded individuals that are college and career ready, engaged in the community and empowered to lead their generation in the Science, Technology, math and Engineering disciplines.

How can your School Counselor help? Our role is to advocate for the student. We collaborate with teachers, parents, other support professionals and administrators to deliver academic, career and personal/social skills, as well as provide interventions to help you as you grow and develop. We believe that every student CAN learn and that equipped with the proper tools, they can flourish beyond their own limitations.

We will do this by: 1) Visiting your classrooms  2) Meeting with you individually  3) Responding to your needs.  

We invite you to revisit this page often, as it will be full of helpful and pertinent information for students and their families. Please see links for grade level pages, as well. We want every student to be successful and embrace the core values we promote here at Hughes STEM:

C-Courage   R-Respect    E-Empathy   D-Desire   I-Integrity    T-Teamwork

The Counseling office is located on the second floor in office RM 2105. If you need to visit us, we encourage you to come during our office hours; otherwise, you must have a pass from your teacher.

  • Mr. Hardaway’s office hours:  10:45- 12:45
  • Ms. Smith’ office hours:  12:00- 1:15

The beginning of the year may be difficult for some of you, and that is OKAY. At Hughes, we have an amazing ESP (Education Support Personnel) Team. These team members are here to support the students and teachers in everyday situations, as well as crisis. Talk to your teacher, let them know you need to visit one of us and get a pass.


  • If you have scheduling issues, then see your Counselor (no guarantees, though)
  • If you want to plan your educational career, then see your Counselor