School Policies

Hughes STEM High School Expectations:

Uniform Policies: Important Details

17-18 Bell Schedule

Attendance Policy:

Absence Daily

On-time attendance is the single most important factor in academic success. Unexcused or excessive absences are the primary causes of academic failure. Students are required by state law to attend school daily unless absent due to religious holiday, illness, or death in the immediate family. Dental and medical appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours.

Parents are strongly encouraged to call the Attendance Line 363-7411 or complete the online attendance form as early as possible each day their child is absent or tardy. An absence will be excused only if a student brings a signed note from a parent or guardian to the Office on the day the student returns stating the following:

  • The student’s name
  • The reason for absence (see above)
  • Date(s) student was absent
  • Home phone number or other number where the parent may be contacted
  • Parent or guardian’s signature

Students should bring their absence note to the main office before school starts.


Students are expected to be seated in their first bell class when the bell rings at 8:35 a.m. Tardiness to school will earn a detention. Continued tardiness will earn increasing consequences.

Early Dismissal

Early dismissals should be rare. Dental and medical appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours. Students requesting an early dismissal must present a note from a parent or guardian to the Office prior to the start of the school day. The note must contain a telephone number where a parent/guardian can be contacted and dismissal verified. There will be no early dismissals approved within the last 30 minutes of the instructional day. Phone calls received requesting early Dismissal must be made prior to 2:45pm.

Illness During the School Day

Students who become ill during the school day should have their classroom teacher sign their Student Planner to be sent to the Health Clinic. Office staff will contact the parents.

Extended Absence

Parents of students who are (or expect to be) absent more than 3 consecutive days should contact their student’s team leader to request information regarding make-up work.

Metro Bus Card Information for Hughes STEM Parents and Students

Metro bus service is provided for students on regularly scheduled routes, as well as XTRA Metro routes that operate only on school days and are designed to be convenient for students' school arrival and departure times. These XTRA Route buses also stop at all public Metro stops, indicated by Metro signs, along their routes.

Students riding the Metro XTRA and regular routes may catch the bus at any designated Metro bus stop. Copies of the XTRA service routes are available to students at the schools and on Metro's website, which also has information about Metro regular bus routes.

Metro Passes - Smart Cards

Students in grades 7 through 12 ride Metro buses free with their CPS Smart Card bus pass to and from school.

Metro Bus service for Cincinnati Public Schools' students, and students in the district's non-public and charter schools, are available on the first day of school. On the first day, students will pay the full fare of $1.75 in the morning. If their student enrollment data is correct, they will receive their new Metro Smart Card passes at schools in time to use for the return trip home. Smart Card passes can be picked up and signed for only by the student at the student's school. These Smart Card passes are to be used to and from school only.

If a student forgets his/her Metro Smart Card pass, or has used the two rides per day allowed, payment of a regular bus fare is required upon boarding the bus.

Parents Please Note: In case of an early dismissal from school or disciplinary action that requires an early release from school, students are required to pay their own transportation because their Metro Smart Card will not work during the school day.

Metro Transfers

Some students who ride Metro buses to and from school may have to transfer buses to reach their destination. Students do not pay for transfers. When a student gets on the next bus, the student again taps the Smart Card pass on the fare box's target area.

 Metro bus service is provided to eligible students in grades 7-12 high schools.


Honor Rolls — Four levels of Honor Rolls are calculated each quarter:

  • A Honor Roll — grades of A in all classes
  • A Average – GPA of 3.5 or greater with no D, F, X, or I
  • B Average – GPA 3.0 with no D, F, X, or I
  • Big Red List – GPA of 2.5 + with no X.

Grading Scale

  • A ……. 90-100
  • B ……. 80-89
  • C ……. 70-79
  • D ……. 60-69
  • F ……. below 60

Class Rank

Class rank is computed based on the weighted cumulative GPA at the end of every semester. Class rank is particularly important at the end of a student’s junior year and the end of first semester of a student’s senior year. The cumulative weighted GPA and the class rank at the end of the first semester of the senior year are considered the “final” GPA and rank. It is the last time a student’s rank and GPA are computed before graduation. These are the statistics reported to colleges for entrance purposes. After graduation the cumulative GPA and class rank are computed. These are reported to colleges only at the request of the college or the student.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade Point Averages are either current or cumulative. Current GPA’s are reported on student’s report cards. This GPA is computed each quarter and is used to determine Honor Roll Status. Cumulative Grade Point Averages are calculated at the end of every semester. Only semester grades are used to determine a student’s cumulative GPA. Cincinnati Public Schools computes two types of cumulative grade point average, weighted and unweighted. The unweighted cumulative GPA includes all courses and is calculated using a 4.0 scale. The weighted cumulative GPA is computed using only core academic subjects. It is this GPA that is used for college entrance and class rank. Grades are weighted as follows:

  • A — 4.0
  • B — 3.0
  • C — 2.0
  • D — 1.0
  • F —  0.0