Uniform Requirements

Hughes STEM High School Expectations:


SHIRT: All-black short or long-sleeved polo-style or oxford shirt Logo may include Hughes STEM, Athletic, Partner, or no logo larger than ½ inch (i.e., polo, gap) No shirts with more than 2 inches off at the shoulder. No other shirt can be worn underneath except a black or white undershirt/t-shirt/thermal that is tucked in at all times. Shirt length may not extend past the longest finger of the extended hand for boys or girls.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

PANTS: Light khaki–colored OR black colored dress or docker-style slacks, shorts, or skirt, with no more than 4 pockets. Pant waist may not be more than 2 inches larger than the natural waist at the navel, may not be overly large, nor be worn lower than 2 inches below the navel.  No jeans, wrinkly-style or jean/denim material, no work Dickies or cargo-style pants. Leggings/Jeggings do not substitute as uniform pants. Pant hem must end at the shoe sole when hanging straight and NOT be ripped. No skirts or shirts shorter than the longest finger of the extended hand with shoulders relaxed.  Pants/skirt must be clean and pressed, and may be purchased anywhere.

BELT: Any color belt no longer than 2 inches greater than the natural waist.  Shirts must be tucked in at all time. Leather is recommended for durability.

SHOES: Any color dress, work, or school shoes. Girls may wear plain heels no higher than 1.5 inches. No open-toe shoes for safety reasons. No flip-flops, sandals (including Crocs), shower shoes, house shoes, or slippers. 

ACCESSORIES: 1 watch, 1 bracelet, no earrings larger than 2 inches in diameter or length, no headbands or scarves greater than 2 inches, or a scarf tail longer than 2 inches below the knot, no other headgear or hats of any kind.  No arm hose or gloves.  Tights, stockings, or socks are permitted in black, white, natural or khaki only and do not change skirt or short length requirements.  No cut-outs, torn or torn-style clothing or accessories.

SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS: Many high schools do not require uniforms. Please do not send your child to school without the uniform worn properly or purchase uniforms that are too large.  Parents whose children are not in uniform will be called & asked to bring a uniform to school so the student can attend class.  The uniform requirement was approved by the LSDMC in June 2009 with full parent and student input, and is designed to present a professional appearance, reduce school clothing expenses for families, and to eliminate distracting or inappropriate dress and competition in dressing.