Therapy Services and Intervention

The Children's Home of Cincinnati

The Children's Home of Cincinnati provides school based behavioral health services to students at Hughes STEM High School. These services include face to face individual and family counseling sessions, diagnostic assessments, crisis intervention, and case management.  In addition to school based counseling, Children's Home provides additional mental health supports such as medication management, counseling for caregivers, and programs for adolescents dealing with substance use. Many of their services are reimbursable through Medicaid. They also accept certain private insurance.

Children's Home provides a full array of Educational and Behavioral Health Treatment Services they provide to Hughes students.

If you notice warning signs as listed below and are interested in referring your child to The Children's Home, please contact our Hughes team at 513-363-7724 to complete a referral over the phone. Referrals can also be obtained and completed by staff members at Hughes or online. Please make sure the form is fully completed before it is turned in. Once they obtain a completed referral, The Children's Home team from Hughes will contact the parent to schedule an intake/assessment before counseling can begin.

  • Declining grades; any sudden change in functioning
  • Expressed problems at home or community
  • Self injury, repeated threats to run away, suicidal threatsIntense, frequent anger outbursts
  • Sexual acting out
  • Aggressive or non-aggressive consistent violation of rights of others; opposition to authority, truancy, thefts, or vandalism
  • Repeated use of alcohol or drugs
  • Trauma history, nightmares
  • Severe mood swings
  • Extreme lack of concentration
  • Inability to cope with activities, daily tasks
  • Strange thoughts, beliefs, feelings, or unusual behaviors; hallucinations

Signs that are often missed:

  • Excessively shy
  • Unrealistic expectations of self
  • Excessive dieting or binging, extreme fear of body image/changes with lack of evidence
  • Intense anxiety impacting functioning
  • Low academic performance
  • Sudden or gradual changes in functioning/presentation
  • Insecure most of the time, isolation
  • Extreme conforming and passiveness
  • Depression, Lack of energy, consistently falling asleep in class
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Persistent somatic complaints

Meet our Children's Home therapists at Hughes:

Mahawish Ijaz, MA, LPC
Ms. Ijaz graduated with a Master's in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Cincinnati, and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Colorado in Denver. Ms. Ijaz has experience working with adolescents in helping them develop coping skills in managing anxiety, depression, impulse control and other behavioral issues, trauma and enhancing self-esteem. Ms. Ijaz is passionate about helping adolescents understand their own mental health, promoting change and building their inherent resiliency.
Dalia Vaisaite, MA MFT

Ms. Vaisaite graduated with a MA in a Marriage and Family Therapy from Golden Gate University, and a BA in Psychology from San Francisco State University. Ms. Vaisaite has been practicing therapy for the past 7 years and her experience is in working with adolescents and their families who have experienced emotional, physical, sexual abuse and trauma, and are suffering from depression and anxiety. In the past, Ms. Vaisaite worked with the Juvenile Justice kids and their families providing Functional Family Therapy where most of the kids had conduct and oppositional defiance disorders. Ms. Vaisaite uses strength based, client centered, CBT and holistic (meditation) approaches in her therapy sessions. Ms. Vaisaite is passionate with her work, loves to inspire and motivate youth to help improve their school and home functioning.

Parent Support: Hughes High School Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)

The Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) at Hughes is available to provide assistance if you feel your child is having difficulties academically or behaviorally in school. If your child is experiencing difficulty with their school work we want you to be able to reach out and receive the support you need to be successful.

This team consists of administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, teachers, as well as therapists from The Children’s Home of Cincinnati. Please contact the appropriate school personnel for your child’s grade level to begin the process of addressing your concerns.

Team Leaders

  • Grade 7 - Ms. Wilder
  • Grade 8 - Ms. Burns
  • Grade 9 - Mr. Sorrentino
  • Grade 10 - Mr. Frecker
  • Grades 11-12 Health Pathway - Ms. Bachman
  • Grades 11-12 Engineering Pathway -  Ms. Cargile
  • Grades 11-12 IT Pathway -  Ms. Grasso
  • Grades 11-12 Zoo Pathway -  Mr. Schulte

You may also contact the appropriate Grade Level Administrator

  • Grades 7-9 - Mr. Tucci
  • Grades 10-12 - Ms. McNeal

If you are interested in referring your child to The Children's Home, please contact our Hughes team at 513-363-7724 to complete a referral over the phone. Referrals can also be obtained and completed by staff members at Hughes or complete the online form.